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Here are some more stories on what happened on November 13: the State Press article by Connor Radnovich and the Downtown Devil article by Jack Fitzpatrick. I’m quoted in the latter, which focuses more on the journalists who were caught in the chaos.


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Posted: 15/11/2010 in gonzo
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Here is the package that was put together using footage I shot at the march/protest. I hope to make an extended package using more of my footage of the police-anarchist standoff soon.


On November 13, 2010, I was caught in the middle of a struggle between two minority groups in Arizona that resulted in injuries to many, including myself. The National Socialist Movement, represented by a few dozen people sporting shaved heads and swastikas (for the most part), planned a march to protest illegal immigration, among other issues. Out to meet these Neo Nazis were the Anarchists, sporting black and pink. The police were required to escort the Neo Nazis down the street, but the Anarchists and other groups refused to budge for the “racist scum.” Unfortunately for the Anarchists and bystanders like myself, the police have a way of making people move, and it typically involves riot shields, pushing, tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets. Things started to get violent after rocks and other objects were thrown by the Anarchists into the police and Neo Nazi entourage. I caught a face full of pepper spray, even though I was off of the street, peaceably assembled on the sidewalk, recording the unfolding of events. I continued to shoot footage despite the burning sensation, until tear gas caused me to lose my breath and I stopped recording to seek medical attention.¬†After medics had treated me with a good dose of vinegar and milk to neutralize the pepper spray in my face, I was able to report a bit of what went down in Phoenix on November 13, 2010, in this video.

More footage is on the way, as fast as I can put together a workable package.

For the last two weeks (maybe more), I have been covering extensively the debate and build-up to the November election, specifically focused on the issue of Proposition 203. While investigating this topic, I have found more information than I ever really wanted to know; however, I think it is important to disseminate some of this information for the public good. First, Prop 203 looks more and more like a cover for legalized marijuana use every time I read through the text of the initiative (which is rather long, for the record). This initiative allows for medical patients to get 2.5 oz per two weeks. That amount of marijuana is ludicrous.

We may as well label legislation what it should be: an initiative to legalize the use of marijuana. Even the amounts of government regulation detailed are far too slim to make a difference. Overall, Prop 203 does a poor job of what its known agenda is; however, I think it might be a step in the right direction with its hidden agenda.

The prohibition of marijuana is a heavily debated topic, and I don’t really feel like delving into it too much right now. I do believe that people should have the choice to do what they want as long as they aren’t significantly harming others. If we want to keep marijuana illegal, perhaps we should take a look at other things that are causing easily as much damage, if not considerably more. Alcohol kills and injures far more than marijuana, particularly in cases of domestic violence and driving under the influence. Prescription drugs and doctor mistakes account for over 700 thousand deaths in the U.S. annually, begging the question if our medical system is doing its job.

Of course, there are many other arguments and many more layers of complexity to this debate. I hope that I can continue to uncover the truth regarding marijuana and report it accurately to my audience (which is currently just me).