musings: like father, like son

Posted: 27/09/2010 in musings

Today I finally got a group of people together to just chill and play some music. I was on guitar (which I picked up a few months ago), and it made me think about something my dad had told me when I was first heading off to college. His time in college was spent mostly hanging out, playing the guitar for fun, and he eventually developed a group of friends who would come hang out and jam with him. I guess the old adage “like father, like son” is very true in this case because I am traveling down the same path of my father. Although our end points may be vastly different, I still like to think of myself as a younger version of my father, encountering the same difficulties and overcoming them just as he did. I guess it just goes to show how much I love my dad. (I know that the rest of my family would feel left out if I did a post only about my dad, so I love all of you guys too!)


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