musings: the college life

Posted: 21/08/2010 in musings

I know I haven’t been in college for long, but I can’t help but think this is going to be incredibly easy. However, the more I think about college life, the more I worry about after college. I’ve devoted my life to learning, to improving myself, to living life to its fullest. After college finishes, I’ll be thrust into a world of diminishing hopes and growing unrest, attempting to begin a family and assumedly accomplish something worthwhile in my life before it ends. College, beyond the parties and the girls, is really the first part of the rest of my life.

  1. dad says:

    College will not be as easy as you think. The content will be similar to what you have learned but more will be expected: better critical thinking, more accuracy in writing, a clear writing style/ voice. Parties and girls are to be expected but not the point. College should be the best time of your life, unless you find a perfect girl, like I did, and raise a fine family, like I did. Work and a job are not the same thing. If you find a job you love, it’s hardly work. Its income will, hopefully, meet your needs but your joy will come from family. Remember too that blessings– joy, peace, health– come from following the Lord and His desires for you.
    You did well here, my son. You’ll do well there also.

  2. jesslong3 says:

    I am going to a 2 year Career College and I always think that I am not getting the real “college life.” Even though I am now living in a college town I work a lot. I still think that most of my classes are really easy while some on the other hand kick my butt. The first year of school I drove 30-45 minutes everyday and then this year I decided to get my own apartment with 3 other girls. I decided to write my blog about just that. Its my way of taking time out of working and studying to really laugh at my roommates. Check it out But you are not alone on thinking that when your done with college they are just going to toss you into the real world!

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